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The Moth
meets modern art in this podcast that uses art as a bridge connecting personal stories to global events. From the biggest museums to graffiti in the streets, join host Susie Kahlich as she shares her adventures as an expat, stories from her colorful past, and thoughts on love, ageing, current events and what it means to be a global citizen. Featuring original tracks from the best independently produced music across Europe.

Each year, Artipoeus chooses a global theme and a personal theme, as a road into the world of art, and selects exhibits loosely based on the theme.


Season 5: Plus ça change / The Long Now (current season)

Is history repeating? Is art? How long is a moment of stillness and when do we clap our hands and move again?


Season 4: Minority Report / Order and Disorder

Can algorithms make art? Do they affect our social perceptions and structures? What happens when those structures fall apart?



Season 3: The Art of War / Immigration & Identity

The effect of art on war, and war on art; starting over one more time, this time with feeling.

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