Bombay Glasshouse Project 2019
3-day creativity and innovation workshop
Dresden, Germany
8-10 July 2019

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This three-day event for Bombay Sapphire’s Glasshouse Project was designed to #stircreativity among elite cocktail bar owners, mixologists and brand ambassadors. Artipoeus was on hand as Creativity Coach, taking the group on a discovery tour of the Lügenmuseum, followed by a brief presentation of artists’ ways to communicate, and finally applying learnings to a hands-on, U/X-focused workshop. The outcomes directly informed the innovations created by participants designed to make simple tasks behind the bar more efficient and environmentally-friendly. Bombay Sapphire will produce the winning design for roll-out in 2020.

Bombay Glasshouse Project 2018
Sustainability Rockstars
Various Locations
September 2018 – April 2019

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This series of workshops were co-designed with artist Luisa Rodriguez and permaculture designer Ceren Hic, focusing on the environment and encouraging sustainability practices in the hospitality industry. Artipoeus’s segment presented creative connection via connecting familiar ideas to new ways of telling stories, encouraging participants to tell attendees a story through everyday movements choreagraphed into a dance.


Distilling Stories from Art
Slow Living Workshops for Star of Bombay
Various Locations
Berlin / Vienna / Zürich
August 2018 – April 2019

This art talk takes us through the Rennaissance, Impressionism, German Expressionism and American Modern art movements, and guides participants to find similarities in form, color, and movement to help distill personal meaning from art, and develop the skills to discover art everywhere.

Fondation Garments: How Fashion Collects Art, and Art Affects Fashion
Guest Speaker at
Chez Grace
36 rue des Abbesses 75018
29 October 2015

Dior / Fondation Louis Vuitton

This lecture explores the private art collections of fashion brands – how collections reflect the brand, and the brand affects the collection. Focusing on the collection of Bernard Arnault / Louis Vuitton Foundation vs the Fisher Collection / The Gap, how private collections are influenced by entrepreneurship, product, and global branding.

Street Art, Architecture & Language in Paris
Guest Speaker for
University of Missouri’s Study Abroad Contemporary Art, Culture & Language in France program
University of Missouri @ St John’s University Paris
03 August 2015

Miss Tic, ca. 2013

This lecture explores street art as it relates to Paris. Beginning with the relationship between Bristol / Paris vs New York / Berlin, which translates into stencil vs freehand styles and their effect on movements in contemporary art (eg, neo-prrimitivsm, etc), it shows how Parisian street art has its roots in the May 1968 student uprising and the importance of language and the French love for playing with words to the street art of Paris; how street art styles have changed from the 1980s to 1990s to early 2000s to now, styles going more or less socio-political depending on the contemporary culture and politics in France; how it has affected the art market and how some artists are now using their leverage in the art market to effect social change — bringing the spirit of street art back to its origins.