Art 44 – Say My Name

Artipoeus visits Françoise Shein and Barbara Reiter’s project Inscrire at the Westhafen Ubahn station, in Berlin.   If you are exiting the train at Westhafen, and want to go up to the Putlizbrücke that connects Moabit to Wedding, or transfer to the Ringbahn that circles town, you follow a little green “S” and an arrow that tells you where to go.  You pass big blocks of text on the wall, meaning… what?  Who knows?  Patterns of letters and images, primary colors, black block lettering that is neither beautiful nor un-beautiful, but factual and clear.  I don’t know what it means.  It’s just typography, which is ok if you’re into that kind of thing.  

I’m into that kind of thing.

Featuring: “Placed You” by Oliver Bernard and “Vocabulary of Loneliness” by Ivan Chiarelli
Music used with permission of the artists

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Art 43 – All the Dinner Parties in the World

Artipoeus visits Henrik Strömberg’s Echoes in Dust at A Plus in Berlin.  My mom and dad used to throw amazing parties. One time, they threw a party that featured a whole roast suckling pig. I remember sitting in the kitchen with my Swedish grandmother, wondering whether pig’s brains were tasty or not. Our discussion was interrupted by my dad, suddenly appearing kitchen to get something, who proclaimed, “never eat brains. They’re disgusting.” Moral questions aside, one thing we knew for sure: my dad isn’t a zombie.

Featuring: “Jazz” by Ben Sound
Music used under Creative Commons

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Art 42 – Don’t Stop Believin’

Artipoeus interviews American video artist and VJ Aaron Kulik, in Berlin.  One of the things Berlin is best known for is its music scene.  You can find every kind of music here, from electronica to ambient to trance to dance to hip hop to pop, grunge, rock, rockabillly, punk, and polka.  Aaron Kulik is a Berlin-based video artist, working as a VJ supporting Michigan born, DJ Seth Troxler.  The two are a natural fit: Seth’s work is based in techno and house, with a good dose of sounds from the African and Latino diaspora.  Even when dark, his tracks are bright, in high relief and a little surreal, sort of the way every day objects look in a solar eclipse.  

Podcast: Download file | Read transcript | Leave a review | Recorded on 27 August 2017

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