Episode 55: The Ball is Round

In Antje Vowinckel’s “The Goal,” the artist blends the voices of the announcers across multiple sports channels, languages and countries. This mix makes them sound like a pantheon of gods, setting us poor humans on the giant pitch of the Earth, introducing something everyone wants — a round ball — and then sitting back and watching us fight for it, sprinting, pulling, jabbing, kicking, diving to try and change the course of events, pushing people down to make sure they don’t get there first, arguing or acting and trying to make it look like none of it’s our fault so we can avoid penalties… and occasionally seeing an opportunity that can only work as a team to save the game.

Featuring “The Way to Go” by Liliya Danieva.  Music used with permission of the artist.

Podcast: Download file | Read transcript | Leave a review | Recorded on 20 February 2018

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