Art 47 – À La Recherche du Temps Perdu

On the anniversary of the 2015 Paris Attacks, Artipoeus pays tribute to the City of Light through the art of the torn  posters in the Paris Metro.  What I love about the posters in the metro is that they are a true collaboration – they are picked at by all the hands of the city: bored hands, frustrated hands, angry hands.  Hand that are juvenile, mature, horny, repressed, delicate, rough.  Sometimes, when you look closely, a tear is handled carefully, or the edges of a tear have been delicately picked away to highlight whatever is beneath. And sometimes they are giant rips, made angrily or in a hurry or just to be a punk.  All the moods of Paris are in those ripped posters, and all the emotions, too.

Featuring: “Drive” and “Trying to Remember” by Oliver Bernard.
Music used with permission of the artist

Podcast: Download file | Read transcript | Leave a review | Recorded on 13 November 2017

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