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An audio journey through the world of contemporary art. New episode every fortnight.

about artipoeus

Artipoeus takes listeners on a journey through the world of art, from the biggest museums to the graffiti in the streets, exploring how we use art to cope with the world around us, and discovering the art in us all. Because art is everywhere.

Artipoeus is in its fourth year of production, with this season’s theme focused on digital art Minority Report: how do 21st Century algorithms affect 20th Century “isms” (e.g., racism, sexism, bigotry, etc)?

Every season has a theme, and exhibits are loosely chosen based on that season’s theme:

Season 3 (21 episodes) : THE ART OF WAR / Immigration and Identity
The role of the artist in wartime and the impact of art on war / Starting life all over again, once more, with feeling

Season 2 (68 episodes) : IF WOMEN RULED THE WORLD / The Long Goodbye
Feminism, Female Artists and the persistence of patriarchy / Moving cities

Season 1 (35 episodes) : LET THEM EAT CAKE / The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
Social and gender inequality in France / Love American-Style in the French Capital

For inquiries about archived episodes, collaboration, consulting or curation, contact us at info@artipoeus.com

Artipoeus is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and TuneIn.  Transcripts can be found on Indie Berlin in Germany, Glarify and at Medium.com.

about susie kahlich

Photo by Nadia Gric
Photo by Nadia Gric

“I tell stories about art.”  Susie Kahlich is a German-American writer living in Berlin by way of Paris.  Writer, art lover, and storyteller, she has curated several exhibits in Paris, lectured for university students and professionals alike on the relationship between art, language and society. She is the producer and host of the art podcast, Artipoeus, a personal journey or carnets de voyages through the biggest museums to the smallest galleries.  She also greatly enjoys candy, cocktails, and the punk rock music.   Contact at info@artipoeus.com





about our theme song


The Artipoeus theme is an original composition by
Artipoeus friend Hotlegs, from the track In Our House available on iTunes.




our media partners

Artipoeus is a proud member of the global art community, spreading the love — and sometimes the explanations — of creative expression through art you can hear.  Our media partners help us tell our stories, and we help our media partners tell theirs.

about World Radio Paris

World Radio Paris is the first all-English radio station to broadcast in Ile-de-France / Grand Paris.  Reaching over 1 million English-speaking listeners on DAB, WRP is home to award-winning shows from PRI, NPR, BBC World News and RFI, as well as locally-produced shows about, for and by Parisians, native and adopted.  WRP is the first home of Artipoeus since we started in 2014, and broadcasts new Artipoeus episodes on Sundays 17.00 CET, and on a daily rotation afterwards.

about Bear Radio

Bear Radio is a new audio platform for English-speaking Berliners to see all that the city has to offer. Bear Radio brings together the best producers, hosts, and personalities in the city to create programming that immerses, informs, and entertains listeners.

about Glarify

glarify_logo_blackGlarify is a new interactive platform for artists and art lovers to spread the love of art.  Locate local artists, studio visits, openings and gallery exhibits — discover the local art scene where you live, and wherever you go.  Become a member and join an international network of artists and art lovers — artists join free!  Glarify – global art, made local.


about The Dark Rooms

TDR_Logo_-02The Dark Rooms is a  one-night only event originating in Berlin, Germany, featuring art, and nothing but art.  Eleven selected international artists examine the display of and communication with art as an alternative to the “white cube” of the traditional gallery space, creating an experience where the viewer becomes part of the dialog between the room and the art piece.  The Dark Rooms, a one-night-only exhibit of art… in the dark.

about A Plus

A Plus is an independent exhibition space for contemporary art, providing emerging artists a concentrated platform for presentation and discussion for a divergent art audience.


about stusu

Stusu.com is the world’s first studio exchange for artists, helping artists find new inspiration in new places, and grow their art. It’s like Airbnb for artists!


our community partners

Artipoeus  passionately believes in community stewardship and proudly supports efforts in our local broadcasting areas to help communities grow.  We welcome opportunities to provide ground-level support! To become a community partner, please contact us at info@artipoeus.com.

about Hangar 1

Hangar 1.org is  a nonprofit organization helping Berlin’s war-zone migrants integrate into their new communities through art.