…in which your host celebrates the now, and it’s beautiful.

Artipoeus is coming up on our three year anniversary, and we’re taking a moment to thank our listeners and our broadcast partners for their support over the last three years. Our gift to you, on this last day of April / first day of May. Enjoy!

The music in this broadcast is excerpted from the track “Why Are We Here” by Amadeus Joseph for Gluck im Ohr.  Original text inspired by the music of David Tigranov, and performed by Eric Lucrezia, Mhairi Wilson, Amina Zoubir, and Igor Bedrinov.  Special thanks to Elyas Khan, Melissa Fowler, and Geraint John Jones in Berlin, and Yann Gael, Marcella Oto, Rob Ashby, Chloé Baker, Tristan Stansbury Worthington and Fadette Drouard in Paris. Vocals recorded and mixed by Jennifer Eliz Hutt, and special thanks to Kristijian Radakovic and Nouvel Organon.
Artipoeus also thanks our broadcast partners World Radio Paris, IndieRepublik, KAOS Community Radio, and our media partners Glarify, Prana, the platform for the homeless, and The Dark Rooms.

Savor the Now

Art 36 – Savor the Moment