about susie kahlich

Photo by Nadia Gric

Photo by Nadia Gric

Susie Kahlich is a German-American writer living in Berlin by way of Paris.  She works as a screenwriter and arts journalist, making art accessible to people who are intimidated by art.  She has curated several exhibits in Paris, lectured for university students and professionals alike on the relationship between art, language and society, and hosts the weekly radio show, artipoeus, a personal journey or carnets de voyages through the biggest museums to the smallest galleries.  She also greatly enjoys candy, cocktails, and the punk rock music.





about a r t i poeus

10561098_260554750816274_184416625_nartipoeus began in 2014 as expo paris, a weekly radio show exclusively on World Radio Paris (WRP). artipoeus takes listeners from the biggest museums to the tiniest galleries, giving opinionated reviews and recommendations about the art, the exhibit and the experience of expos around town.

artipoeus is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and TuneIn, and on Indie Berlin Radio in Germany, and from the WRP studios at American University of Paris in France, Monday through Friday on the top of the hour, on the following rotation:

Mon : 20h00
Tue : 17h00
Wed : 14h00
Thur : 10h00
Fri : 04h00


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artipoeus is a proud member of the global art community, spreading the love — and sometimes the explanations — of creative expression through art you can hear.  Our media partners help us tell our stories, and we help our media partners tell theirs.  There’s always room for more!  To become a media partner, please contact info@artipoeus.com.

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The artipoeus theme is an original composition by
artipoeus friend Hotlegs, from the track In Our House available on iTunes.


about World Radio Paris

10422306_714954295267136_4283897904245581533_nWRP is the only all English-language radio station in Paris. Broadcasting to the greater Ile-de-France region, WRP reaches 4 million anglophone and non-anglophone listeners with programs such PRI’s “The World” and the BBC Newshour, along with high-quality local programming produced by real Parisians.

Listen online at worldradioparis.fr

Or tune in on DAB and listen live

Access all WRP archived shows at Mixcloud 



about Indie Berlin

Indie Berlin is a social networking site, digital magazine and online broadcaster dedicated to independent artists, music, fashion and lifestyle in Berlin, providing up-to-the-minute info on happenings around the city, artist support and events.

Listen  online at indeberlin.de

Access all Indie Berlin Radio archived shows at Youtube



about Glarify

glarify_logo_blackGlarify is a new interactive platform for artists and art lovers to spread the love of art.  Locate local artists, studio visits, openings and gallery exhibits — discover the local art scene where you live, and wherever you go.  Become a member and join an international network of artists and art lovers — artists join free!  Glarify – global art, made local.



about fontaine b.

logolong-3aug17Rare art dealers fontaine b., provide an exclusive source of (trans)avant-garde editions and rare artworks for  curation, exhibition and private collections : Arte Povera, Dada, Fluxus, Gutai Group and Viennese Actionism.


about The Dark Rooms

TDR_Logo_-02The Dark Rooms is a  one-night only event originating in Berlin, Germany, featuring art, and nothing but art.  Eleven selected international artists examine the display of and communication with art as an alternative to the “white cube” of the traditional gallery space, creating an experience where the viewer becomes part of the dialog between the room and the art piece.  The Dark Rooms, a one-night-only exhibit of art… in the dark.

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Artipoeus  passionately believes in community stewardship and proudly supports efforts in our local broadcasting areas to help communities grow.  We welcome opportunities to provide ground-level support! To become a community partner, please contact us at info@artipoeus.com.


about Prana



Did you know that over 60% of homeless people have smart phones? Prana is the only digital app bridging the information gap between volunteers, organizations and the homeless, providing real time information about food, shelter, clothing, medical services and more, to the people who need it most.   Prana: the platform for the homeless.